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>> I'm glad that people didn't misconstrue my original posting as being of a
>> 'racist' nature... Nope it is just that Charity should begin at home and
>> you don't 'give a camel to him that would smite you'.
> I think we all agree with you Larry, and we are certainly not being
> 'racist'...which I feel sure a few people would think. Good post, makes
> people think xx

I think comments suggesting that all Pakistani people would want to smite you are bordering on racist, as is blaming an entire nation for terrorism of a few extremists. So no, we don't all agree with you, if you're so concerned that charity should begin at home does that mean you're going to go out and do something to help people here in the community, or as usual sit behind your computer having a pop at people like the thong rangers who actually want to do some good?

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