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> Agree 100%. How many other EU countries have sent troops into Afghan? How
> many times do we give money to struggling countries when our own country is
> at its worst it’s been for many years? The government has stopped the
> building of new schools, hospitals, are again on about cutting defence
> spending, cutting back on the RAF, the Navy! Yet they still send our troops
> where ever the USA demands we go. Maybe instead of giving £5-10
> million to Pakistan why not spend it here on our shores! And before anyone
> starts I’m not racist I just wish our government would sort our country out
> first!! There are many other Countries in the EU that do nothing to show
> support to others, let alone all the other Countries across the World that
> do nothing, then when they have a problem they come running to us to help
> them and our useless Government throws money at them we don’t have!!

We cant even sort out Northern Ireland let alone other countries terrorists!

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