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> Clegg has said that the Global response to the floods in Pakistan is
> 'pitiful'.
> Ok, he's right; i see no response in the form of aid from other Moslem
> Countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Serbia, Afghanistan et al...
> WTF should it be Britain and europe that has to dig in its pockets every
> time? Are we bothered about the tragic mudslides in China? What have we
> done to help them or the poor farmers and country folk of Russia in their
> hour of need due to wildfires?
> Let's just repeat what a lot of the worlds population are always telling
> us: 'It's gods will', 'god is great' So let it be.

Totally agree with you Larry, Pakistan is a nuclear power with a huge army and very wealthy muslim friends in the region I am sick and tired of the UK always being first to send aid to muslim countries that just throw their appreciation back at us in the form of terrorism. If they can afford to arm themselves to the teeth then they can afford to look after their own it might sound uncaring but the reality is the UK is seen as a soft touch when it comes to aid relief, let the very wealthy muslim states in the region send aid first!

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