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> Totally agree with you Larry, Pakistan is a nuclear power with a huge army
> and very wealthy muslim friends in the region I am sick and tired of the UK
> always being first to send aid to muslim countries that just throw their
> appreciation back at us in the form of terrorism. If they can afford to arm
> themselves to the teeth then they can afford to look after their own it
> might sound uncaring but the reality is the UK is seen as a soft touch when
> it comes to aid relief, let the very wealthy muslim states in the region
> send aid first!

Yes how very quiet these muslim countries are in their response to the terrible flooding in Pakistan.
1.Saudi Arabia
2.United Arab Emirates
Notice the connection all are very wealthy muslim oil producing countries in the gulf!
Just a thought to finish if they can afford to buy Manchester city and spend £200 million on players would it not be better spent on helping a fellow muslim country in its hour of need...

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