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> > Please mail Ed Vaizey to persuade him to vote against the latest > betrayal > treaty. It has to be a clean break Brexit,no more capitulation just > LEAVE. > Silly question, but what do you hope to achieve from Brexit? As so > far, it looks like I'll need a work visa to visit my employer's head > office; I'll be liable for their equivalent of National Insurance whilst > there. That's before we even have any idea of the number of EU rules we'll > still need to follow to be able to trade with them. Oh, and I'll no longer > be guaranteed mobile roaming whilst there... So far, the only people > that seem to benefit from Brexit are the newspapers, and other news > outlets. FMe Troller how the hell did you think we managed before being conned into the EUSSR? mobile roaming ffs?, your having a larf.

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