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> > Please mail Ed Vaizey to persuade him to vote against the latest > betrayal > treaty. It has to be a clean break Brexit,no more capitulation just > LEAVE. > Silly question, but what do you hope to achieve from Brexit? As so > far, it looks like I'll need a work visa to visit my employer's head > office; I'll be liable for their equivalent of National Insurance whilst > there. That's before we even have any idea of the number of EU rules we'll > still need to follow to be able to trade with them. Oh, and I'll no longer > be guaranteed mobile roaming whilst there... So far, the only people > that seem to benefit from Brexit are the newspapers, and other news > outlets. Charles Watson or whatever he is known as nowadays must be panicking. The message is getting through that Brexit is a very bad idea and no-one will benefit. October 31st they said confidently..didn't happen. No letter requesting an extension...the letter was sent. Where is the ditch Boris is dying in...oh yes, he's still alive. People are realising that the tory spivs are the worst government ever and the best thing for this country would be to stay in the EU.

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