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> Please email your MP Now.
> Dear Mr ED Vaizey
> As we are fast approaching the presentation of a so-called deal with the EU
> to the UK parliament it has become a matter of critical importance that we
> come together to urge you to reject the calamitous Chequers betrayal.
> Leave Means Leave is a non-partisan organisation representing business
> people, academics, the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the European
> Union, as well as the interests and futures of those that did not. We will
> not and cannot tolerate any situation whereby a Prime Minister of this
> country signs up the UK to indefinite rule without representation by a
> foreign power. It is exactly this, that the disastrous arrangement with the
> EU amounts to.
> A Common Rule Book with the EU that forces the UK to submit to EU
> regulations without any input or vote on their creation or application;
> indefinite shackling to a Customs Union that will make it nearly impossible
> for the UK to trade with other nations, or adjust our tariff schedule, and
> build the platform of prosperity necessary for our successful independence;
> an enormously perilous period of �transition� during which
> time the EU would be free to impose whatever they wanted upon the UK
> without the UK being able to reject any of it; subservience to an
> undemocratic and unelected bureaucracy whose primary objective is to
> protect their political project at any cost, necessitating making a
> disastrous example of the UK�s departure to serve as warning to
> potential dissidents.
> As a privileged member of the UK parliament, you have been elected by your
> constituents to represent their best interests and those of our nation.
> Voting in favour of allowing the government to hand indefinite control of
> the country�s future to a foreign body is surely the utmost severe
> abrogation of duty and should surely be unconscionable.
> It has become patently clear that walking away from negotiations and
> pursuing a no deal Brexit is now in the UK�s best interests.
> Contrary to the decidedly and deliberately negative rhetoric surrounding a
> no deal departure, using terms such as chaotic and cliff edge, abandoning
> talks in Brussels actually places the destiny of the UK entirely and firmly
> in the UK�s hands. Nothing could provide a nation with more
> certainty than being the master of its own future. It would mean opening
> the nation up to truly global trade, initially based upon World Trade
> Organisation schedules that the UK helped to co-author. It would mean
> restoring full and unadulterated sovereignty in all areas of governance
> back to the directly elected UK Parliament. It would mean keeping hold of
> ã39 billion thus far promised to Brussels as part of a divorce
> agreement and retaining the billions of pounds we currently pass to
> Brussels to effectively rule us for their own ends.
> It is a fact that 92% of UK businesses do no trade with the EU at all.
> Tying the UK into a EU-centric stranglehold is sacrificing the best
> interests and independence of the vast majority of UK companies at the
> altar of the vested interests of a few highly vocal and largely foreign run
> multinationals. Allowing Brussels to dictate operations to the 92% of
> businesses that have zero dependence on the EU�s Single Market
> means placing the 87% of the UK economy these companies represent and the
> millions of their employees whose livelihoods depend upon their success, in
> severe jeopardy at the mercy of an unaccountable foreign power that likely
> wishes harm upon our nation�s interests in order to defend the
> integrity of their own.
> From the EU�s merciless treatment of the debt-ridden Eurozone
> nations following the 2008 financial crisis, to the flagrant disregard of
> democratic decisions taken by member states in previous referenda, to the
> arrogant and undiplomatic charade that has been the Brexit negotiations so
> far, it should be abundantly clear that our best interests do not, and
> never will, lie in Brussels.
> This is the most critical moment in recent UK history and the
> responsibility to ensure the delivery of what the majority of British
> people voted for in 2016 lies in your hands. Remember who it is that you
> have been elected to represent and the onerous responsibility placed upon
> you as guardian of our great nation�s future.
> In the year before the referendum, the then Prime Minister went to Brussels
> and tried to negotiate a deal for Britain. What the EU offered was a
> pittance and the deal was rejected. It was on that basis that he went to
> the British people to ask whether we should stay in the EU or leave. The
> British people voted to leave �WITHOUT a deal�. There was
> no other deal on the table at that time yet the British people were still
> happy to leave knowing that was the case. They had the confidence in our
> country�s ability to stand on its own two feet and it is our duty
> to uphold the vote of the British people. Chequers is not what people voted
> for. Leaving without a deal is. If a free trade deal is negotiated at some
> future point then this will be a bonus, but it�s not a condition of
> leaving. Now is the time to enact what the country called for in the
> largest democratic vote taken by the people of this country.

Leaving the EU and making our own way in the world sounded like a good idea, but this Tory government has completely f***ed up the whole thing.
The UK is now a laughing stock around the world, and the total incompetence and arrogance of the Tory idiots has ruined any chance that we could be a success outside of the EU. This Tory government is the worst government we have ever had, and May, Cameron, Farage and all the other w*nkers who have turned the UK into a joke should be in jail.
This country has no right to call itself "Great" Britain any more thanks to these people.
The only joy I am getting from this whole Brexit mess is seeing the Tories self destruct. Hopefully this debacle will destroy the Tories for good.

We should just stay in the EU as it is clear we are governed by morons who have no idea of running a country on their own. If Ed Vaisey has any sense of shame, he should disown his party and work towards cancelling Brexit altogether.

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