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> What the hell is going on in the Orchard Centre car park? Is it for
> shoppers or builders? We've put up with a lot over the past few months in
> the name of M&S and umpteen new coffee shops, but you'd have thought in
> the week before Christmas the car park could revert back to being for
> shoppers. I'm all for progress but come on its only a week for goodness
> sake. BUILDERS OUT. SHOPPERS IN (or most of them).

Wantage suffered the same problem all through the year withe the development in the old police station area... absolute nightmare! Didcot dvelopers should reall; have a set aside are for the builders etc. to park in, maybe up at the football club? British Rail have rented out a large part of the football club's car park for comuters.. Something needs to be done.

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