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> I am concerned about your maths and how you arrived at 82.8% vote to leave
> the EU. The figure appears, without further clarification, to have no basis
> in fact. Are you stating the percentage as a cumulative total of membership
> aligned to various political party members, in which case it does not
> reflect the people eligible to actually cast a vote in the election as not
> everyone, myself included, is a member of any political party? The claimed
> 82.8% therefore may be based upon a very small amount of people - as low as
> 10%( a guess) of the population who actually pay party membership fees. :)
> In which case I am lucky not to have cribbed from you at school maths. :)
> Please show your working out method in a column at side of the exam
> paper.

Here are the actual undisputed % figures of the voting public in UK General election June 2017.

Each party Manifesto contained the pledge to leave the EU and Single Market

Consevatives = 42 % (In their manifesto June 2017)
> Labour...... = 40 % (In their manifesto June 2017)
> Ukip....... = 01.8 % (In their manifesto June 2017)

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