Re: Noise Nuisance from DGS

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> Didcot Girls School seems to be trying to ensure no one has a lie in on a
> Sunday, or for that matter, anyone near the school can forget trying to get
> tots or babies to sleep on a Sunsday morning. The problem is that the
> school is in the venue hire business now' Regularly hiring out the hall for
> some sort of musical, shouty, blowing whistles as well, sort of event.
> I quite understand that empty premises; especially when 'Public Owned'
> should be put to beneficial use.
> But, can they please show consideration for those who live within a few
> hundred metres of the place?
> Learn to shut windows and doors and turn the PA system down to a level that
> suits those up to whatever they may be. in the building - Not those living
> outside.

I am of the age when only the sound of Church bells would gently awake our Golden slumbers, but due to the policy of forced mass multicultural immigration, pursued by successive Governments since the 1950s, Sundays are no longer a special day. God bless Enoch Powell, Amen.

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