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> The website you quote says Currys is Unit 2, Orchard Centre, but the actual
> Currys website doesn't have any mention of Didcot - not in its store
> locator nor in its "latest store information". Is it possible
> that the "Store Locate" website has got its wires crossed? Not
> that I'm worried either way, but it's very strange that the Currys website
> doesn't mention Didcot.

I am aware it's not currys official site. It won't be on it's store locator as it's not public knowledge yet. Currys are going into Unit 2. Alworths is moving into the empty bathstore. That's all i know. I just thought it might convince the person calling themselves 'Alworths Manager'. Don't know why i'm bothering at all to be honest, they're not the manager, they would know, as all Alworths staff know what's going on.

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